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FreeSWITCH installation

Pre Conditions:

Before installing FreeSwitch you must run these commands.

#sudo apt update #sudo apt install -y gnupg2 wget lsb-release [Optional] #sudo apt upgrade

Make sure that the [deb cdrom: ...] is commented out in the source.list file in /etc/apt directory.

Also make sure that the repositories listed in the "/etc/apt/sources.list" are for the latest release of Debain. (Currently 12.2 'Bookworm')
If you make any changes to the "sources.list" file. Below are the dependencies for Debain Bookworm. If you have a different version please add accordingly.  Make sure to run the update command again.

#deb bookworm main #deb-src bookworm main #deb bookworm-updates main #deb-src bookworm-updates main

Update your system

#sudo apt update

Go into super user mode to get rid of permission issues.

For the latest version of Debian such as Book worm we need to follow the following steps as well.

Before we install the freeswitch we need to clone the Sofia-sip and SpandDSP in /usr/src directory. In case git is not installed please install the git by running the 'apt install git' command.

Now add all these dependencies. Some of these dependencies may not be available in the future or the latest versions will be available. Please exclude it from the command and add the latest one.

In /usr/src run the following commands one by one

Go to the signal wire website and login and then make a token for the installation of freeswitch. If you already have a token please proceed.

Now, run the following commands one by one to add Freeswitch repositories to your apt directory

Note that "#" is the indicator of a new command. Do not copy and run all commands at the same time.

After these commands run the update command and the install command to install Freeswitch.

Restart the Freeswitch and configure it.

In case of any problem, complete documentation can be found here for the installation of freeswitch.